316 Ramen Opens in North Bellmore

316 Ramen recently opened up in North Bellmore, offering plenty of ramen dishes to takeout or dine in. According to a story in Newsday, this new ramen noodle joint replaces The Bayou, a Cajun restaurant that was in the space for 28 years.

The ramen menu includes eight different items including Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.95), Miso Ramen ($15.95), Spicy Miso Ramen ($15.95), Beef Ramen ($14.95), Shoyu Ramen ($14.95), Chicken Ramen ($16.95), Shrimp Ramen ($14.95), and Vegetarian Ramen ($14.95).

On Yelp, Andrew G, from Farmingdale, gave it five stars.

“WOW. I Just had one of the best Ramen noodle dishes in New York and it’s in Bellmore,” he wrote.

Tee T, from Farmingdale, agreed.

“Almost went there for the entire week,” she wrote. “The service was quick and kind plus the food was amazing!”

Location: 2823 Jerusalem Avenue, North Bellmore, (516) 303-0819.

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