43rd Pickle Festival in Huntington Set For September 16th

Long Island pickle connoisseurs and casual crunchers alike have relished in the knowledge that their annual festival has returned for over 40 years now. This year is no different. The 43rd annual pickle festival is set for Saturday September 16, 2023 at Gardiner’s Farm in Huntington brought to you in conjunction with the Greenlawn/Centerport Historical Association.

The festival will run from 10am to 4pm featuring a variety of cukes from the cute to colossal, the sour to the sweet and the fresh to the fried. They will also have corn both roasted and on the stalk to confuse and confound in a maze of maize. There will be craft vendors (30 at last count) and rides including a lollipop train ride and a hay ride. Get a pickle-on-a-stick and get a pickle history lesson. Cost to attend is $5.

Location: Gardiner’s Farm, 900 Park Avenue, Huntington, (516) 443-2561.

📷  @greenlawncenterporthistorical Facebook page.

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