75 Main in Southampton Got a Makeover Before Filming Third Season of ‘Serving the Hamptons’ Reality TV Series

Restaurant goers at 75 Main in Southampton stepped into a brand new vibe at their favorite spot due to a renovation done by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, a Miami-based design studio. The complete interior renovation done this year, was ahead of a third season of the reality show “Serving the Hamptons,” available on the MAX streaming service. The show documents owner Zach Erdem and his team during the summer.

Clients of 75 Main include local residents and A-list celebrities like Jon Bon Jovi and Kim Kardashian.

“Erdem recognized the need for an overdue upgrade in the restaurant’s aesthetics,” a statement released by Bishop Design studio said.

He then turned to the studio for help, which has a reputation for creating groundbreaking hospitality venues collecting over 200 international awards and collaborations.

“Paul Bishop was my first choice, and the way he and his team created a ‘Tulum meets Hamptons’ vibe exceeded even my expectations,”  Erdem said.

75 Main interior renovated by Bishop Design

Bishop Design said that its “infusion of tropical earthy tones, tribal patterns, and natural materials like wood, leather, ratan, and clay were combined with blue and white accents, white-washed shiplap wood, and a coffered ceiling.”

“The result yielded a remarkable blend of airy Mayan vibes with a beautifully preserved Hamptons’ coastal feel,” they said in a statement about the renovation.

Paul Bishop, founder of Bishop Design, says that the project was more than just a typical renovation.

“We saw 75 Main as more than an interior redesign, but an exciting opportunity to elevate and set a new benchmark for what a Hamptons space can look and feel like,” Bishop said.

A page on the design company’s website shows more about the design process they took at 75 Main.

📷  Bishop Design website.

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