After 23 Years, The Country Rotisserie in Shoreham Closes its Doors

The Country Rotisserie, a local restaurant specializing in comfort food and traditional southern cuisine, serving area residents in Shoreham for 23 years, has permanently closed its doors.

A note on the door of the restaurant says that it was time to retire.

“Thank you for all your patronage through the years,” the note said. “We will cherish the memories and relationships built over the years with my employees, vendors, and loyal customers. Thank you for being a part of our journey.”

Some reviewers had been complaining about declining quality in the food for the past few years. Others, though, were as happy as ever with them.

The restaurant had a bad run of luck recently. Along with the pressure from the pandemic all restaurants had to endure, last March they were broken into and a cash register was stolen.

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