Bagel Boss Unveils ‘Daler Bagel’ Fundraising Campaign to Support Farmingdale High School Community

Bagel Boss, the bagel store chain with locations across Long Island, launched a special fundraising campaign on Wednesday, October 4th to support Farmingdale High School after the tragic accident involving the school’s band.

As a symbol of solidarity with Farmingdale High School, Bagel Boss is rolling out “Daler Bagels” – bagels adorned with the school’s signature colors of black, green, and white. These distinctive bagels will be made available at Bagel Boss locations throughout Long Island.

Every dollar earned from the sale of these special bagels will be directly channeled to Farmingdale High School. The fundraising campaign is slated to run for approximately one week, with the goal of rallying as much support as possible. Once the campaign concludes, Bagel Boss plans to present a donation to Farmingdale High School.

Special Bagels from Bagel Boss supports Farmingdale High School

Andrew Hazen, CEO of Bagel Boss, believes that the campaign can make a difference.

“Together, we can make a significant and positive impact on the Farmingdale High School community during their time of need,” said Hazen.

Hazen expressed his gratitude to all the bagel store employees for their involvement in the campaign and rallied workers at Bagel Boss.

“Let’s demonstrate the strength of the Bagel Boss family and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the students and families at Farmingdale High School,” he said.

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