Burgercade in Riverhead Serves Retro Fun With A Side of Fries

Walking into Burgercade, the new diner on Main Street in Riverhead, you’re immediately taken back to the 80s. The video games are all bleeping and blooping, the music cranks out your favorite blasts from the past and the sizzle of the grill, the crowd, the bitmapped graphic menus that mimic throwback Atari designs and the prices all conspire to envelope you with that warm nostalgia even if the only experience you have from the era of corded phones and mall arcades is from binge-watching Stranger Things.

Owner Mark LaMaina closed down his LuchaCubano in the spot last year after taking over the old Riverhead Grill location on Main Street. He opened with a completely new direction – an eat-in or take-out grill with the basics on the menu: burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, tenders, friends (crinkle cut, curly or sweet potato), fish sandwiches and milkshakes. He’s also got a black bean burgers and bubble waffles (fun waffles that have the texture of bubble wrap) with an option to add fruity pebbles and a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Burgercade officially opened on Thursday August 3rd with a ribbon cutting and fanfare (there was a guy in a french fries costume walking Main Street).

While they waited for the food orders to be called, kids were immersed in playing the stand up arcade games which included Super Mario Brothers, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, NBA Jam and a pinball machine. They even have a record-playing jukebox. Each one takes real quarters.

Location: 87 East Main Street, Riverhead, (646) 251-5250.

We visited Burgercade on opening day. Check out our Reel blow to get a glimpse inside of the newest diner on Main Street in Rverhead.


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