Comfort Food on a Rainy Day: Spaghettini and P.S. Burgers in Mineola Offering 10% Rainy Day Discount For Eat-in and Delivery.

Rain or Shine, Mineola dines! The weathermen are forecasting rain for Long Island, so the owners of Spaghettini and P.S. Burgers are extending a special offer on comfort food to brighten your day: 10% off eat-in and delivery orders. 

A Special Offer to Brighten Rainy Days

The 10% off rainy day special is designed to offer warmth on a chilly day filled with rain. Whether you’re nestled at home or braving the weather for a cozy corner in their restaurants, mention the rainy day special when ordering.

Must-Try Dishes for the Weather-Weary 

While every item on their menus is crafted with care, certain dishes stand out as perfect companions for rainy days. Spaghettini’s Ravioli di Funghi, with its rich mushroom filling and savory sauce, promises comfort in every forkful. At P.S. Burgers, the Bacon Cheeseburger, with its perfect blend of juicy patty, crispy bacon, and melty cheese, becomes a beacon of happiness on a cloudy day.

Spaghettini: A Slice of Italy in Your Neighborhood

Spaghettini, known for its authentic Italian dishes, creates an ambiance that’s both welcoming and warm. For reservations or orders, contact Spaghettini at (516) 750-8044 or visit Spaghettini is located at 106 Mineola Blvd in Mineola.

P.S. Burgers: Where Every Bite Tells a Story

P.S. Burgers has mastered the art of the American classic burger, elevating it with a twist of creativity that keeps the locals coming back, from the smoky depths of the Smokehouse Burger to the surprising zest of the California Burger. It’s a place where comfort food meets culinary artistry, ensuring that every bite is a narrative worth savoring. To place an order or learn more, reach P.S. Burgers at (516) 493-9292 or explore P.S. Burgers is located at at 192 2nd Street at Mineola.

For more information, visit Spaghettini Trattoria and P.S. Burgers online, or better yet, drop by and say hi. They’re more than just restaurants; they’re a place to gather, to celebrate, and to enjoy the simple pleasure of good food, no matter the weather. All at a discount!

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