Daisy’s Nashville Lounge Opening 2nd Location at Old Recipe 7 Spot in Miller Place, Sometime in Early 2024

The rumors are true! The owners of Daisy’s Nashville Lounge are gutting the old Recipe 7 spot in North Country Plaza (the same shopping center as Friendly’s) off Route 25a in Miller Place and plan to open sometime in early 2024. 

Long Island Restaurants caught up with co-owner Brian Adams when we called the Patchogue location who confirmed their plan. He said that another location for Daisy’s was a long time coming.

“We’ve been looking quite vigorously for a second location for the last couple of years,” said Adams.

Adams, along with Daisy’s co-owner Tim McCarthy (of McCarthy’s Pub in Centereach), wanted to find a spot with some infrastructure already in place like bathrooms and a kitchen. That search had led them to a number of different places but Adams said they weren’t the right fit or they just couldn’t make the numbers work so they had to walk away.

“Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make,” Adams joked.

The old Recipe Seven spot is a deal the Daisy’s owners did make and for a number of reasons. One, they liked that it has some structure already built-out. Second, it has a large parking lot with plenty of space. Third, they know the area.

“A lot of people from there come to Patchogue,” he said. “They like Country music and they’re looking for something different.”

Another reason Adams likes the spot is the size of the location. It’s bigger than their place in Patchogue so they can build a permanent stage, allowing them to bring in more live artists to perform.

“Artists from Nashville are calling us to do what’s called a ‘through,’” he said.

A “through” is when a band is on its way to somewhere else to perform – like say Albany – and they want a stopover on the way through the area. A new up-and-coming singer named Kyle Elliot recently reached out to them to do a “through” show.

“We’re on their radar, which is good,” Adams said.

Brookhaven Town Councilwoman Jane Bonner, who represents the district, said the business would be a welcome addition to the vacant space.

“The Country music genre has really exploded,” she said.

The Miller Place Daisy’s Nashville Lounge will have a lot of the same design details that are found in the Patchogue location but it will have some things that make it unique.

“We understand it’s a different location and different clientele,” Adams said.

For inspiration, he said they’re taking their go-to designer, Gail Cipriano, down to Nashville.

“She helped us in the Patchogue location and at Seven Quarts Tavern in Northport,” he said.

According to Adams, Cipriano has a good eye for color and although he and McCarthy do most of the designing they like to get a different point of view.

“We’re two old guys,” he said with a laugh. “It’s always good to have a female sense of things.”

They’re completely gutting the place and right now the inside is basically just bare floors and the original bar. (Adams said they’re removing the pillar that used to be at one end of the bar to open it up.) While the design and architecture are still in the works, Adams estimates they’ll have from 30 to 35 seats at the bar and a mix of booths and hightops in the dining area.

“We’ll see what we can fit,” he said.

As of now, the idea is to have the new stage be in the corner and face out to the whole room. 

The chandeliers, they’ll make an appearance for sure.

The owners think that think they’ll be serving more meals at Miller Place than in Patchogue. The menu will be similar to the original location but, again, plans aren’t solidified so things might change a little.

“We’re not sure yet but we will cater to the demand,” he said. “We will have a bigger wine list.”

Miller Place is the opportunity for the owners to make their second location something familiar for anyone who has visited Daisy’s Nashville Lounge on the South Shore but different enough to be unique for the North Shore. There is one thing that will not change.

“We’re staying true to Country,” Adams said. “Just a different kind of honky tonk.”

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