Drizly, Liquor Delivery App Acquired by Uber for $1.1 Billion in 2021, to Cease Operations in March

Saying cheers and shedding tears: Drizly alcohol delivery app acquired by Uber for $1.1 billion in 2021 announces last call!

Well folks, it’s official. The party’s over. Uber recently announced that it’s pulling the plug on Drizly, the beloved alcohol-delivery service it snatched up for a cool $1.1 billion back in 2021. Hold onto your wine glasses, because Drizly will be accepting its final orders in March.

Remember the good ol’ days when Drizly burst onto the scene like a champagne cork popping? It was also the answer to our boozy dreams during those long, lonely nights of lockdown. But alas, despite its best efforts, Drizly couldn’t quite capture the hearts (or livers) of the American people. Turns out, we still like to stumble down to the local liquor store from time to time.

Founded in the ancient year of 2012 (well, ancient in internet years), Drizly was ahead of its time. It had the vision, the drive, and most importantly, the technology to make sure you weren’t getting carded by some underage whippersnapper trying to snag a six-pack. Operating in 36 states, Drizly was the boozy beacon of hope for parched souls across the nation.

The company says you can still put in orders through its app until March so get your drinks delivered by Drizly while you still can!

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