Five Food Mashups We Love on Long Island

Combining two or more different foods to make something new.

Don’t be boring. Get one of these delicious food mash-ups for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Egg Roll AnythingProhibition Kitchen in Port Jefferson serves up Mac & Cheese egg rolls ($15). Down the road at Billie’s 1890 Saloon they serve delectable Irish egg rolls with corned beef, cabbage and horseradish mustang ($11)

Lobster BurritoNew Wave Burrito Bar in Huntington has it. A 14″ Flour Tortilla with butter poached lobster, street corn, chile lime mayo. amarillo rice, lime crema, chihuahua cheese, ranchero beans, and pico de gallo ($28) You can also add brisket for $4.

Grilled Cheese EverythingMeltology proved you can make a grilled cheese sandwich out of almost anything – including the ultimate mind-melting cheese fest, a mac & cheese grilled cheese ($11.95).

Cereal Ice CreamCloud Nine in Smithtown and Patchogue to get your favorite cereal on an ice cream cone.

Burgers on a DonutAroogas in Patchogue serves this mashup. A burger on a glazed donut, American cheese and applewood smoked bacon. ($14.99)

Chicken & Waffles – It’s one of the original meal mashups and we still love it. Lola’s Southern Cuisine in Medford has a whole selection of them.

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