Five Taco Trucks to Try on Long Island

Sometimes when you’re hungry, there’s nothing that satisfies quite like a taco. The traditional Mexican dish –consisting of a small corn or wheat tortilla topped with fillings such as meat, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, and more – has been popular for many years for a variety of reasons…not least of which is the fact that they’re just plain delicious.

But, as good as tacos are, what’s the one thing that can make them even better? Well, when they’re on wheels, of course. With the increase in specialized food trucks in recent years, all manner of yummy and well-made dishes are being made available all over Long Island, and many of these food purveyors are offering up some really good and unique takes on tacos!

So, without any further delay, we present to you our list of the best taco trucks on Long Island!

Cochinita Porky Food Truck – Described in one review as “probably the most unusual food truck on Long Island,” the pink Cochinita Porky Food Truck sports a snout and two pig ears at the front. Run by two sisters, the truck offers traditional Mexican foods including, of course, a variety of tempting tacos!

Swell Taco – Family owned and operated, Swell Taco’s stated mission is to provide a dining experience similar to the family parties they grew up with in Southern California. They own two physical locations – in Babylon and Patchogue – as well as a food truck that offers many of their menu mainstays, including – as their name implies – tacos!

Chiddy’s Cheesesteaks Inc. – In addition to offering a plethora of delicious Philly-style offerings from their three food trucks – situated in Farmingdale, Commack, and Bay Shore – but they also have an extensive taco menu, ranging from traditional fare lunch and dinner to the unique breakfast taco consisting of steak, eggs, and cheese!

El Morelense Food Truck – A Mexican food truck based out of Brentwood, El Morelense makes numerous examples of authentic Mexican food available for hungry customers, including tacos, tortillas and quesadillas. Their tacos feature a variety of savory meats, such as slow-cooked pork, chicken, and sautéed beef.

Taco Island – Food truck that will come to your place and serve up taco Island’s menu of, well, tacos of course.

Have a favorite that we didn’t list here? Tell us all about it in the comments! This story was originally written by Chris Boyle for Photo by furkanfdemir.

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