From Bus to ‘Burbs – Tacombi Taqueria Opens in Westbury

Tacombi, a new Mexican taqueria, opened in a 3,800-square-foot restaurant space last month in Westbury. The chain has about 15 locations already on the East Coast, many in New York City.

The restaurant had its beginnings in the Yucatan peninsula, when the founders bought a 1963 “combi” Volkswagen bus and parked it in Playa del Carmen.

“The engine was scrapped, transmission sold, seats swapped for cooking equipment, and the roof was reeled back to produce a taco serving stand with warmth, charm and character,” they say on their website.

The name is a portmanteau of taco plus combi: Tacombi.

Their first New York location opened in 2010 and they’ve been expanding ever since.

Their menu is filled with authentic Mexican selections including tacos, quesadillas, burritos and cocktails.

On Yelp, Jessica D gave them five stars.

“Find what you love, do it well, and do it over and over again,” she wrote. “This must be the motto because the line willingly wrapped around the building. Not as a sign of slow staff but of great food!”

Location: 1226 Old Country Road, Westbury, (516) 216-9851.

Photo: Google Images uploaded by Tacombi.

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