Grab a Japanese Rice Burger at HibachiBachi in Lynbrook

A crispy outside with a juicy inside, the Hibachi Rice Bun Burger is the newest food invention to hit Long Island. Introduced at the newly opened Inatome’s HibachiBachi in Lynbrook, this is a hybrid of a burger with a rice bun.

You can get one meltdown style (with cheese) and a side of waffle fries, milkshake and a syringe of spicy mayo.

The rice burgers have been the star of the show, wrapped in an origami-style paper to keep it all together, but the menu isn’t only limited to this one unique meal.

You can get their Hibachi Bachi Bowls with steak, shrimp, chicken and tofu. The appetizer menu has traditional choices like edamame and gyoza (pan friend dumplings) as well as chicken nuggets and wings with sweet grazed tempura sauce, Inatome original mustard with honey or spicy soy.

HibachiBachi is a creation of Keiji Inatome, owner of Inatome Japanese Steak + Sushi in Valley Stream, which has been in business since 1975 – even surviving a 2010 fire.

Location: 350 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook, (516) 612-4078.

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