Hamptons Pizzeria Taking Over Fusilli Ristorante in Miller Place, Opening in March

When Fusilli Ristorante closed in Miller Place recently, it disappointed fans of the long-time Italian restaurant and pizzeria but it was promised new owners were coming in with something new. Uncle Joe’s Famous Pizzeria, a Hampton Bays restaurant, just announced that they are taking over the spot.

The takeover of Fusilli is the first in an expansion of the Uncle Joe’s Famous Pizzeria brand founded in 1968 by “Uncle” Joe Sciara. Uncle Joe’s was acquired last year by Hamptons Brands investment group, which is led by Hampton Bays residents Tana and Scott Gerber.

Known affectionately as “Uncle Joe,” Giuseppe Sciara was born in 1940 in Sicily and worked in the fields of Scordia from a young age, saving money with the dream of moving to America. In 1958, with less than ten cents and no knowledge of English, he arrived in New York via Ellis Island. In the 1960s, Giuseppe, self-taught and determined, mastered the art of pizza making. In 1968, he opened his first pizzeria in Bay Shore. Expanding over the years, he established more pizzerias, including a flagship location in the Hamptons.

“I want to thank the residents of Miller Place and the surrounding area from the bottom of my heart,” said Chad Powell, owner of Fusilli in a statement released by the new owners. “It has been a labor of love for my family and I to serve the community for over 13 years. We have made great memories and lifelong friends along the way. We are extremely proud to have served them.”

Powell said that the residents of Miller Place are in good hands with Uncle Joe’s team.

“It is very important to us to uphold Fusilli’s long-standing traditions of culinary excellence, meaningful community engagement and high-quality customer service that locals have come to know and love,” said Tana Gerber. “We are also excited to introduce the Miller Place community to some of the specialties that have made us a trusted, family-friendly brand for over 50 years.”

Uncle Joe’s Famous Pizzeria serves Original Long Island Panko pizzas, Classic New York-style pizzas, and Italian specialties, such as its famous Vodka sauce dishes, Parms, Original Sauce Wings and signature Dolci Doughknots. 

The new owners of Uncle Joe’s Famous Pizzeria say they are going to seek out more opportunities in Long Island communities.

“Uncle Joe’s will continue to expand by acquiring and preserving more high-quality pizzerias throughout Long Island in the years ahead,” said Scott Gerber. 

Uncle Joe’s Pizza & Parlour will open in Miller Place in March 2024.

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