JoJu, New York City Vietnamese Place, Comes to Port Washington

Taking a successful New York City restaurant to Long Island  isn’t always easy. It’s a trend that has been accelerating recently, with a number of city spots opening up in easterly locales. It can work, and if the dishes are something unusual or lacking on Long Island then the chances of having a hit go up, especially if you can translate what made the food so good and appealing to city-dwellers to the ‘burbs. One of the latest is JoJu, a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant.

Specializing in banh mi (pronounced “bon-mee”), these Vietnamese sandwiches, which according to their website is usually composed of a savory meat set against a refreshing slaw and rich condiments all served in a baguette. JoJu is serving up a variety of different banh mi including their Classic, with slices of ham and head cheese with pate ($9.49), a Caramel Pork Banh mi, sweet and savory pork glazed with Vietnamese Caramel sauce, on a toasted baguette, with mayonnaise, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots, and cilantro ($10.49).

They also serve bowls like their JoJu Bowl with Vietnamese caramel pork and grilled pork sausage meat. All bowls come with pork house sauce, kimchi, pickled red onions, fresh cucumber, pickled daikon & carrots, fresh cilantro, and fried shallots.

JoJu offers bubble teas, infused green teas, non-alcoholic mojitos, and slushes.

So far, reviewers seem happy with the transition from city to suburban. On Yelp, Scott S, from Brooklyn, gave it five stars.

“Solid banh mi place,” he wrote. “Very clean, modern, nice environment. Quick service and delicious Vietnamese iced coffee.”

Ka C, from Queens, agreed.

“I simply adore JoJu, and can write epics dedicated to their Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches with a modern twist. In fact I have been to their Midtown, Elmhurst and now their newest location in Port Washington,” she wrote. “The flavors of the sandwiches are always on point… Overall I really recommend JoJu to cure your banh mi cravings, and will be looking forward to my next visit!”

Location: 43B Main Street, Port Washington, (516) 682-2922.

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