Long Island-based Foodie Card Program is Fighting Hunger While Supporting Local Restaurants

Foodie Card, a company that connects diners to local restaurants through discounts and rewards, has donated $14,750 to Island Harvest to help fight hunger. The money, according to a press release, pushes the company to over 115,000 meals donated so far.

“We work directly with Island Harvest to help the food insecure,” said Allison Pavone, Foodie Card’s director of growth and retention.

Pavone says that on average the company donates about $1.50 per Foodie Card membership purchased to local food banks, of which Island Harvest is one. In that way, each and every customer is both reducing hunger on Long Island and helping a local restaurant owner. She said that the money donated translates into more meals than just giving groceries to the food bank directly.

“A dollar goes further than a donation,” she said.

Foodie Card employees don’t stop with their commitment at giving funds, they also dedicate their time.

“We volunteer at Island Harvest’s warehouse in Melville and work the farm in Brentwood,” said Pavone.

That farm, called Healthy Harvest Farm, is used as a learning model, “as well as to provide increased access to healthy produce for more than 300,000 Long Islanders who are affected by hunger and poverty,” according to the Island Harvest website.

“It’s all about a well-balanced meal for the food insecure,” said Pavone.

The Foodie Card team presented their largest donation check to date on February 26, 2024, to Randi Shubin Dresner, CEO of Island Harvest Food Bank, in Melville.

The effort supports the company’s commitment to “putting their money where their mouth is.”

“Foodie Card continues to drive its core mission of supporting local food banks and independent restaurants,” said Jared Katz, CEO of Foodie Card, in a statement.

Foodie Card’s network has 2,700 participating restaurants allowing members to save 10% off at each one and earn rewards with every purchase (all while helping feed those in need.)

Katz said that Foodie Card is constantly coming up with ways to help individual restaurant owners as well as fight a growing problem across the country: food insecurity.

“We’re so excited to have reached over 115,000 meals donated,” he said. “It’s a major milestone for us and a reflection of the strength and generosity of our foodie community.”

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