New Restaurant, Sora Omakase, Replacing eShin in Stony Brook With New Japanese Dining Concept

When eShin Noodle Bar in the Stony Brook Square shopping center on Route 25A closed its doors in August it shocked fans of the ramen shop. The only clue as to why they were closing came from a sign on the door saying that the “intimate space just didn’t work out for the scale of operation required.”

The owners of eShin (and Súp Vietnamese Phở & Grill next door) have confirmed that a new Japanese omakase restaurant will be taking the place of eShin.

The new name is Sora Omakase, according to the owners who confirmed the details with by email.

Sora in Japanese means sky but it can have different connotations depending on personal belief and cultural context, according to a reference to a translation by the owners. It can also have a spiritual connection to something beyond the physical world or limitlessness of the self and freedom – sort of like the saying, “the sky’s the limit.”

Omakase is a Japanese term that means, “I will leave it to you.”

“It’s about putting your trust in the chef, and it’s based on the concept of omotenashi — the kind of hospitality where your host reads your mind and anticipates your every need,” says, describing the omakase concept of dining.

“Sora Omakase will be mainly serving sushi with some hot dishes based on the chef’s choice, which means there is going to be no menus for customers,” said the owners.

There will probably be two tiers of pricing for dining, which may be with 13 courses or 18 courses.

“We’re still deciding on the price point,” they said.

They will also be serving wine and sake.

The plan is to open up by the end of September. No word on who is their chef but they said their website will reveal his background and experience when it goes live.

Stay tuned for more information about Sora Omakase as we get it.

📷  Lon S. Cohen

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