North Fork Dough Company Temporarily Closes

The North Fork Dough Company with stores in Bay Shore and Mattituck has had to close temporarily, according to a post the company put up on its Facebook page on Thursday. The post mentions an incident with a serious gas explosion that has put them “in a very difficult spot.”

“We are unable to produce doughnuts for our stores until we get access back to our building,” the company wrote. “As of right now there isn’t much information for us to share on the matter but based on what we know now we are hopeful that we will be back up and making doughnuts by latest, early next week.”

No other information about the gas explosion was available.

The company said they have to close their stores until next week.

“As a small business this is devastating for us, our family and our staff of amazing employees. Making doughnuts is our passion and this has been a huge blow to our team,” they went on to say. “We are doing everything possible to get more information on the matter and to get back to everyone who has orders with us or planned to visit our stores during the next few days.” 

They ask for patience and understanding, “but know that we are doing anything and everything we can to get to the other side of this. Thank you all for your support and understanding. We will continue to post updates as they become available to us.”

Read the full post here.

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