Our Pickle Sandwich Video From Yaphank Deli Hits 5.6 Million Views on Instagram!

When we walked into the Yaphank Deli to interview the owners about the pickle sandwich they were offering we never thought we’d stumbled onto a viral sensation. But here we are at 5.6 million views (and counting) on our Instagram Reel showing how Yaphank Deli puts together its crunchtastic pickle sandwich.

Co-owners of Yaphank Deli, Christine Roach and Jennifer Flynn, said people sometimes travel from as far away as Queens – two hours away – to come in and try the pickle sandwich after seeing the video online. 

“We have customers come in daily and they look around a little confused sometimes and they say to us, ‘so I saw the pickle video’ and then we take it from there explaining what it is, how to order it, what we can put on it,” said Flynn

“At this point I think the only thing we haven’t put on a pickle is an egg sandwich,” joked Roach.

That may be but they are offering a new item: a pickle burger, which they say is also a sensation among customers.

We are so grateful that this little video has reached such a huge audience. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below and share it with your friends. And then go get yourself one at Yaphank Deli at 908 East Main Street in Yaphank.


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