Pete’s Famous Cheesesteaks Opens in Huntington

The cheesesteak battles in Philly are well-known. Philadelphians are adamant about where to get the best one. It’s either Pat’s or Geno’s. Like Rocky Balboa, the Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin, Philadelphia has laid claim to one of America’s unique cultural icons. A Philly Cheesesteak is traditionally made from slices of thin beef cooked and served on a roll and ordered either with or without (gotta go to Philly to know what that means.)

It’s one of those things. Like Long Island Bagels or Texas Barbeque – you can’t get the same taste anywhere else.

According to online reviews, Pete’s Famous Cheesesteaks is coming pretty close to the authentic Philly flavor.

What started as a Hot Dog Truck at Exit 56 of the LIE expanded to offer up Philly Cheesesteaks along with the dogs.

“In no time the Cheesesteaks became the customer favorite and a family tradition was born,” the restaurant’s website reads.

In addition to the cheesesteak ($12.99), Pete’s also serves bacon-wrapped hot dogs and sandwiches.

On Yelp, Scott B, from Syosset, said it was just as good as the cheesesteak from Philly.

“Finally someone opens a real cheesesteak joint on Long Island,” he wrote. “Now I don’t have to drive to Woodhaven or Philly for a decent cheesesteak.”

Joseph M, from Hicksville, agrees.

“Lets get down to it – This place is absolutely INCREDIBLE,” he said. “The cheesesteak which I had was the BEST that I had ever had in all of my years on this great planet EARTH – And I have NEVER been to Philly and eaten cheesesteaks – Why drive 2.5 hours when you can get the real thing right here in Huntington.”

Location: 339 New York Avenue, Huntington.

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