Pizzeria Might Be in the Works For KFC Building Spot on Route 112 in Port Jefferson Station

According to Brookhaven Town officials, a pizzeria might be going into the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building on the corner of Route 112 and Hallock Road in Port Jefferson Station. No plans have been confirmed yet but the Town says that the new pizza place might even be a Ray’s Pizza.

Although the actual “original” Ray’s Pizza is debated, this might be associated with one of the New York City locations, or not. Right now there aren’t plans or an application publicly available from Brookhaven Town as it’s all preliminary.

The building has been abandoned for more than 20 years.

Back in 2012, Suffolk County put the property up for auction. At the time, the building had been attracting homeless people who had been sleeping there during the winter, according to local accounts.

This is an evolving story and we will follow up on it as more information becomes available.

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