Report: Restaurant-Goers Tired of QR Codes

QR codes are losing popularity in restaurants that they gained post-pandemic.

According to a report by me&u, a company that provides online ordering and payment applications for restaurants, consumers are not down with QR code menus anymore.

The company released a statement that says 81% of consumers feel that human interaction is the most important factor in restaurants and bars and that QR code scans in restaurants have decreased by 27% in a year. Most diners prefer paper menus to digital QR codes.

That doesn’t mean consumers want to go all the way back to the old days or forgo digital experiences at restaurants. In fact, the company says that consumer behavior is evolving.

“The need to customize experiences for each individual visitor has become increasingly important for restaurants,” said Brian Duncan, President of me&u.

He also said that restaurants and bars need to offer a more flexible dining experience, with a two-way ordering system where customers and the server can order and add items to the table, while also allowing guests to split the check easily.

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