Burgercade, a Retro Style Eatery, is Opening in Old Riverhead Grill Location

Last year, LuchaCubano in Riverhead closed down after taking over the old Riverhead Grill location on Main Street.

Owner Mark LaMaina told Patch at the time that he had something in the works to replace the eatery with something new and at the same time, more traditional, harkening back to the nostalgia of the diner that once served patrons at the spot for over 89 years.

That new concept has a name: Burgercade, a traditional burger joint and arcade, according to an announcement posted to Facebook recently. Burgercade has taken over all of the old LunchaCubano social media. The Instagram page has changed over too.

With an old 1980s feel, a bitmapped video game design on its logo and menus from the era, Burgercade promises to be something new and retro at the same time, while hoping to serve up locals what they want in a Main Street restaurant.

LaMaina explained that LunchaCubano was not a good fit for downtown Riverhead when he closed down last December.

Exterior of the forthcoming Burgercade, formerly the Riverhead Grill. Photo: Facebook.

“While LuchaCubano was a labor of love and produced some of our best food as a company, it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said.

He promised to be back in the Spring and LaMaina is delivering with Burgercde.

The menu at Burgercade is like a Donkey Kong video game board complete with the era’s style of computer icons (similar to today’s emojis). The menu even reads like an old video game, opening with the words “Press Start” on top and the bottom reading “Next Level” to turn the page. Crinkle cut fries are $2.60, a hotdog is $4.95 and a quarter-pound burger is $4.90.

According to a post on Facebook, Burgercade should be open in the beginning of July after the holiday weekend.

Burgercade menu. Photo: Facebook.

Location: 87 East Main Street, Riverhead.

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