Smusht in Port Washington Serves Up Unique Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

A unique ice cream shop sprung up this spring on Main Street in Port Washington called Smusht. Another idea born of the pandemic that made its way into the real world – and we are happy it did.

This small family-owned business will be open all year long serving up what they call “small batch hand-crafted ice cream,” which sounds delicious. They also have fresh-baked cookies.

“We smush them together to make a Smusht,” the website describes.

It’s the “smusht” aspect that makes them different.

The cookie ice cream sandwich is made by smushing any flavor of ice cream between two cookies and rolling it in a topping to add a bit more flavor. And yes, it all sounds familiar (remember Chipwhich?) but the difference here is that you get to pick your own homemade ice cream to put on a freshly baked cookie and topping to roll it in. Then they hand make your entire ice cream sandwich.

Smusht also offers a variety of vegan and gluten free alternatives.

The founder of Smusht says even though the business is a pandemic pivot, he’s actually dreamed of being an ice cream man for over 15 years. In 2020 he started out selling ice cream in his front yard just like a lemonade stand.
“A self-taught cookie and ice cream maker, he loved the idea of opening a store where customers could build their own ice cream sandwiches and walk out the door feeling a little bit happier than when they came in,” it says.

Location: 158 Main Street, Port Washington, (516) 234-0580.

📷 Smusht Facebook page.

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