Updated: Sora Brings Omakase Style Japanese Dining to Stony Brook

Sora Omakase is opening on November 1st at the former eShin spot in Stony Brook. It’s the same owners as the original ramen shop with a drastically different concept, one that relies on the chef to serve a selection of handpicked appetizers and sushi. That is the omakase style, which literally translates from Japanese to mean “I will leave it to you.”

“Basically it’s a tableside dining experience,” said one of the owners, who only identified himself as Scott, in an interview at the newly renovated space. “I am guessing a lot of people in our community are not so familiar with this concept.”

For a 13-course chef curated meal they will charge $95 and an 18-course meal will be and $165. You can make you reservation through resy.com or for larger parties email them at [email protected].

Sora Omakase in Stony Brook

Sora is just one of a small handful of this style of Japanese restaurants on Long Island. If you’ve tried omakase style dining before, it was most likely in New York City. Now, Sora is bringing omakase to Stony Brook.

“People who are interested in the concept will not have to travel far to try it,” Scott said.

He says that because of the price point he knows that it will draw people mostly for special occasions; it’s not your everyday sushi place. Sora is an intimate and elegant spot. They have seating for twelve with one wheelchair accessible seat. All the seating is at the sushi bar so you have a front row seat to their chef as he prepares your meal.

Chef Osan at Sora Omakase Stony Brook

Chef Osan, originally from China, trained in Japan. He most recently worked in Astoria, Queens at another omakase restaurant called That Place.

The menu right now is set but subject to change. Chef Osan serves four appetizers and then a soup to cleanse the pallet before the sushi pieces are served. If you order the full menu there are nine individual pieces of sushi, an uni ikura don bowl and then Chef Osan finishes off with a hand roll in seaweed paper. Dessert is tamago, which is like an omelet, and creamy and tasty green tea ice cream.

This is authentic sushi based on traditional Japanese cuisine. As each course is delivered to you by the chef, your server will explain the fish type, where it is from, and the ingredients.

Sora Omakase serves wine, beer and sake to drink. The sake is served in a bulbous glass dispenser at each seat where the ice is kept separate from the sake and you push your glass up to a nozzle to pour it.

Sake Dispenser at Sora in Stony Brook

There will be two seatings only each night at 5:30pm and 7:45pm. Dinner should take about two hours in total as the chef hand prepares each course individually immediately before it’s served to you. Reservations are required.

Location: 1113 Route 25A, Stony Brook, (631) 551-5544.

Scroll down for a peek inside Sora.

Sora Omakase in Stony Brook

Sora in Stony Brook

Sora in Stony Brook

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