Taylor Swift Pop-Up Experience Coming to The Ugly Duckling in Long Beach This December

Update 2: Dates for the Taylor Swift pop up restaurant have been extended through the end of January 2024. Click here for more info.

Update: Now open. Click here to get a sneak preview of Taylor Swift Popstar Pop Up Experience in Long Beach.

Taylor Swift fans on Long Island can celebrate their love of their favorite pop star this December at The Ugly Duckling restaurant in Long Beach at 906 West Beech Street.

“This is a pop star pop-up experience that is inspired by Taylor Swift,” said Max Feinberg, managing partner and co-owner of The Ugly Duckling, in a phone interview with LongIslandRestaurants.com. “It’s a soup-to-nuts, 360 degree immersive experience.”

From the decor to the food and of course the music, this pop-up is going to be a place where fans can fully enjoy Taylor Swift fandom for a limited time.

According to a description of the pop-up, the restaurant will feature each of the iconic pop star’s eras, Grammy-winning albums, and music videos. The space has been transformed for the entire month. The event features a brunch or dinner inspired by all of Taylor’s favorite dishes and guests can pose for photos at one of their photo op stations, or spend time “dancing to the sick beats of her best songs!” Every Wednesday there will also be a Taylor Swift-themed trivia night; each week will delve into a different era of her career.

“It’s not a show,” Feinberg explained. “It’s a regular restaurant experience”

The idea for the pop-up came to the owners to help boost traffic to the Long Beach restaurant during the winter months.

“Long Beach is a summer seasonal location,” said Feinberg. “Off season presents certain challenges so we came up with something fun and interactive that our customers and people around Long Island would enjoy.”

Feinberg said their Nightmare on Beech Street  pop-up last fall was incredibly well received and they wanted to do something for this December.

“We settled on a Taylor Swift experience,” he said. “It will have a lot of energy, color and life to it.”

Feinberg said they researched what some of Swift’s favorite foods to eat were and other foods were inspired by the parts of the country she grew up in.

“There was thought behind it,” he said.

There will also be drinks for kids of all ages.

“We’re going to offer mocktails for younger customers,” he said, describing them as bright and fun.

Standard seating runs Thursday through Sunday and dinner starts at 5pm to midnight or 2am. On Saturday and Sunday they have seating from 11am to 4pm for brunch. Wednesday trivia night seating is 7pm-9pm. The event is family friendly, kid friendly and parent friendly. According to Feinberg, the event is for everyone. 

“You could have a really great time at this experience even if you’re not the biggest Swiftie in the world,” he said.

Click here for more information about the Taylor Swift pop-up and to make reservations.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated when the Nightmare on Beech Street pop-up event took place.

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