Verde Kitchen & Cocktails in Bay Shore Unveils New Name For Its New Location: Para Todo Bien

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails in Bay Shore is expanding into a new spot being built out at the old location of Peninsula Asian Fusion on Main Street. Along with an increase in size (the new space will be almost three times larger than Verde is currently, according to co-owner Anthony Tartaglia) and a cool rooftop seating area, the name will get an update as well. They’re calling it Para Todo Bien.

According to Tartaglia, Para Todo Bien means “for all things good.”

“It’s an old Mexican saying that refers to mezcal,” he explained.

In Mexico he first heard the saying, “para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también.” It translates to mean, “for everything bad, there’s mescal, and for everything good, there’s also mescal.”

”There’s mezcal no matter what is happening,” said Tartaglia.

Of course it’s not all about mezcal.

“It’s all things,” Tartaglia said. “Family, food, getting together, having Margs on the rooftop.”

Tartaglia and his brother Andrew who own the restaurant together took the more optimistic portion of the saying and made it into the name of their new place. Along with the new name, he said they have created icons for their logo, all created by a Mexican design firm. For almost ten years the Tartaglia brothers have operated Verde Kitchen & Cocktails at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore. Along with a big move down the block to 55 West Main Street to a bigger building, the Tartaglias are making big moves with the brand.

“It’s a bold move to change the name,” he admits but it’s a bet they hope will pay off once patrons see their new place unfold.

Construction will start this winter and the build out will take them well into 2024.

They will increase the size from 2,800 square feet at the current Verde Kitchen to 8,000 square feet at Para Todo Bien.

The rooftop will be partially covered but mostly it’s an open air space that will have seating for 65 to 70 people. They will have heaters so they expect the season for the rooftop to be around seven or eight months. Two staircases and an elevator will carry people up to the roof.

Along with the main dining room they’re making two other fully private spaces for catering. One will be a mezcal bar with seating for 16 and a total capacity of 20. That space will be used for exclusive tastings and private events. In the kitchen they plan to install a 12-foot wood fired grill.

While they have a bigger space and new name they’re not forgetting about Verde altogether. The new building will have a glass enclosed area from Main Street as an homage to their OG spot.

“It pays respects to Verde,” Tartaglia said.

The increased capacity and spaces will help them do more than they could in their current spot, something they have wanted for a long time.

“We were always turning away people,” Tartaglia said. “And we’re pretty excited about expanding our catering.”

The current Verde space is on the market and Tartaglia said there are a few interested buyers. (No word yet on who.) There will also be a small gap between the closing of Verde and the opening of Para Todo Bien.

“We’re not sure how long and when,” he said.

This next upcoming chapter for Verde is a continuation of a tale that started back in 2014 when they first opened; now with a new space and the new name and brand.

“We have a story to tell,” Tartaglia said.

📷  Courtesy Anthony Tartaglia.

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