Hummus Fit Plans Sit-Down Restaurant At Former The Good Steer Building, Also Eyes Expansion to 7-Eleven Building Next Door

In an interview on Humus Fit’s Instagram page, co-founder Tony Mavruk explained the vision that his company has for the landmark Good Steer building it recently purchased along with the adjacent 7-Eleven property. With plans to open in 2024, the new restaurant will be the healthy food prep store’s first sit-down restaurant.

“This will be our first new model restaurant where customers can dine-in and build their salad bowls, rice bowls, or sandwiches right on the spot,” he said. “This is something new for us.”

After sitting vacant for almost a year-and-a-half, The Good Steer restaurant property at 2810 Middle Country Road in Lake Grove recently sold for $3.4 million.

The idea is to provide more seating and more options at the former Good Steer location than other Hummus Fit locations. Eventually the meal prep business that Hummus Fit is known for will move over to the old 7-Eleven building next door, which the company also purchased. He said the Ronkonkoma location of Hummus Fit will not be affected by the new location of the restaurant.

The Good Steer

Renovations are underway at the site already with crews putting on new siding and working on the roof and interior. According to Mavruk, everything in the building needed to be restored to get it in shape but he also wanted to respect the history and the love the community had for The Good Steer since 1957.

“We are going to respect the building and the history it has behind it,” he said. “We don’t want to change the shape of the building.”

Mavruk said the parking lot is big enough for the company to host events like car shows and community concerts.

“We will never be able to fill it up with three or four hundred cars for the restaurant itself,” he said.

When asked about the impact he felt Hummus Fit will have on the neighborhood, Mavruk tied his goals to his restaurant’s mission.

“I think we will be bringing a lot of positivity, health and fitness into the community,” he said.

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