Restaurants People Want to See Come to Long Island

We asked. You answered! A list that is sure to be as divisive as it is galvanizing, we present the restaurants people have said they want to see come to Long Island (or in some instances, return to Long Island). In no particular, order here at the most popular requests.

Cracker Barrel – An overwhelming favorite, just about every time a new restaurant takes over a space somewhere, someone is bound to say, “I wish they would open a Cracker Barrel there.” Anyone who travels the I-95 knows Cracker Barrel as a great pitstop and for its iconic gift shop.

In-N-Out Burger – It’s almost mythical the way people talk about this burger joint that’s mainly a California thing.

Jack in the Box – Come back, Jack! We used to have them but most spots on Long Island closed by the end of the 1970s, and they were all but gone by the 1980s.

Bojangles – Pretty much a southern thing. Known for their cajun-seasoned fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits. Now that we mention it! We want that too.

Roy Rogers – Another one that bit the dust after being very popular on Long Island. The rumors of the roast beef sammie chain’s return to LI was DOA.

El Polo Loco – This southwestern-located Mexican-style grilled chicken joint might be a welcome addition to the Island.

Whataburger – A Texas-based fast-food burger chain that’s been around for more than 50 years. We never heard of this one until people started telling us about it.

Waffle House – Almost 2,000 locations and none on Long Island. The butt of jokes, the Waffle House is known for its no-nonsense food and service.

Margaritaville Restaurant – Oh yes. Why hasn’t Jimmy Buffet’s (RIP) hugely popular spot for this frozen concoction come to Long Island yet, especially considering he was a Sag Harbor resident? Somebody work on that!

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