Five Foodie Stories We Think More People Should Read From 2023

Digital news is great because it allows us to know exactly what people are really interested in reading about the Long Island foodie scene. It also lets us know which stories people just didn’t connect with but we wish they had. Below we present five stories we published in 2023 that we think deserve another look and want readers to check out.

Crazy Facts About Long Island Potatoes – We love history. Especially Long Island history and even better if it has a food angle. Once, all this was potato farms, you grandparents used to say. In this article, we present some crazy and historical facts about potato farming on Long Island.

Crazy Facts About Entenmannn’s – Ditto but with donuts.

Local Chef Hopes Portuguese Pastel de Nata Will Be A Hit – Chef Michael Guerrieri has unleashed a tasty pastry from Portugal called Pastel de Nata on Long Island through an agreement with wholesaler Restaurant Depot who is now carrying them in ten locations.

This Rice Buns Burger – A crispy outside with a juicy inside, the Hibachi Rice Bun Burger is the newest food invention to hit Long Island. Introduced at the newly opened Inatome’s HibachiBachi in Lynbrook, this is a hybrid of a burger with a rice bun.

Where to Get Biscuits & Gravy on Long Island – Everyone needs to know!

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