Food Fight: Should You Dip Your French Fries Into Your Milkshake?

Food Fight is our infrequent series that tackles the most controversial and important issues that foodies wrestle with daily. This installment of Food Fight will shed some light on the age-old debate: To dip or not to dip… your french fries in your milkshake. And a follow-up question is, if you do dip then what is the best flavor combination?

These are the kind of hard-hitting issues we think about around here at

Some say that milkshake is an unofficial third french fry condiment after ketchup and malt vinegar. (Oh wait, that’s for another episode!) They say that if you can’t dip your french fry in a milkshake then life just isn’t worth living. They are the hardcore french fry/milkshake dippers.

What is it about the french fry/milkshake dipping phenomenon? Is it the salty and the sweet combining together to accentuate the flavor? The hot and the cold combining into a tantalizing taste explosion? Science can’t explain it!

If you do dip then we have a follow up query. Where do you find the best combination of fries and milkshake? While there are a number of different places we narrowed it down to three:

  • Wendy’s Frosty and French Fry – By far the top choice. It might even be the place where dipping french fries in milkshakes was invented. Honestly, we may never know who was the first.
  • McDonald’s Milkshake and French Fry – A distant second is the McDonald’s french fry/milkshake combo.
  • Friendly’s French Fries and a Fribble® – Never happens. It’s a trick because there is no third choice.

On the other hand there is the school of thought of people who never (and we mean ever!) let their foods meld together. They keep their mashed potatoes separate from their turkey and heaven forbid a pea ever rolls into their Salisbury steak. They are the never-dippers. Ne’er do dips. Their table is a no dip zone.

Whether you dip your fries in your milkshake is a personal choice. But we want to know is it a yay or nay for dipping?

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