McDonald’s in Rocky Point Plans to Install Additional Drive Thru Lane and Remodel Exterior, Remove Outdoor Seating

The McDonald’s in Rocky Point is getting remodeled and an extra drive thru is being installed, according to plans presented to the Brookhaven Town Planning Board on October 2nd.

Originally opened in 1974, the McDonalds at 463 Route 25a added a drive thru in 1983. Now, the company is looking to remodel the exterior and take out the outdoor seating in addition to adding the extra lane for the drive thru. Representatives for the owners said that they will add an additional preview board and reader board for a total of two each, increasing the capacity to queue cars from 12 currently to 16 once the extra lane is added.

📷  Exterior elevations of the proposed McDonald’s in Rocky Point – Brookhaven Town.

The exterior will be a darker color according to the color elevations presented. Signage on the building will be externally illuminated and include a sign on the western side of the building in front that reads “playplace.”

The applicant is looking for a few variances including one to replace the existing pylon sign with a 25-square-foot monument sign that will be about 9.5 feet high.

They are also looking for a variance on landscaping providing 32.09% coverage. The owners plan to add natural screening along the east and west property lines. On the west side they plan to plant 30 new trees that will grow up to 10 feet. On the east property line they are installing a 6-foot high fence with 36 new trees.

📷  Layout of the side-by-side drive thru proposed for Rocky Point McDonald’s – Brookhaven Town.

Along with remodeling the roof and exterior they plan to add around 400 square feet to the store for a freezer, which increases the overall size of the building to 4,397 square feet. They will be removing the outdoor seating and reducing the overall seating to 83 seats.

Parking will be reduced from 51 to 48 stalls, which is still within compliance of 44 minimum for this restaurant size. ADA stalls will increase from two to three.

📷  Current configuration of the Rocky Point McDonald’s drive thru. Photo by lon Cohen.

The applicant said that they discussed their plans with the Rocky Point Civic Association in March 2020 and the civic was in support of them.

The Planning Board unanimously voted to put the application on the decision calendar and close the public hearing.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that the applicant discussed plans with the local civic in 2002. That was a typo. The actual date is March 2020.

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