56th Fighter Group Restaurant Building Is Getting Demolished

Sad news for fans of the old 56th Fighter Group Restaurant: the building at Republic Airport in Farmingdale is being demolished. Even though the restaurant closed back in 2012, it still feels like the end of an era for fans of the go-to spot at Republic Airport for almost 30 years.

The news comes via Ken Neubeck, president of the Republic Airport Historical Society, which he first posted to their Facebook page.

There is no official confirmation yet on what is going in the spot – some have speculated new aircraft hangers or additional parking for planes or cars.

And for everyone who didn’t know the buildings were still standing, they were up until a few days ago when demolition started. (Some people were surprised to know the buildings were still there after all these years – kind of like finding out your favorite actor from yesteryear just died when you didn’t know they were still alive.)

Newsday reported when the restaurant closed down for good that the owners had more than $150,000 in back taxes due.

56th Fighter Group Restaurant was known for its Happy Hours, Sunday Brunches and – by the comments left on nostalgic Facebook pages – beer cheese soup. Ironically, people are now nostalgic for the spot that built its reputation on that very notion of nostalgia for another era long since passed.

Before it closed, online reviews said that the restaurant “will transport you back to an era of Big Band music and unparalleled patriotism. This charming 1917 French Style Allied Headquarters Farmhouse sits on the site where the P47 fighter aircraft was built during WWII.”

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For some old pictures of the 56th Fighter Group Restaurant scroll down:

📷 Ken Neubeck, Republic Airport Historical Society and 56th Fighter Group Restaurant Facebook pages.

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