After Initial Backlash, Community Floods Golden Globe Diner in Huntington With Support

After initial backlash about his visible support of Israel at his diner in Huntington – against the October 7th terrorist attacks by Hamas where 1,400 people were killed and 240 hostages were taken captive by militants – Pete Tsadilas is now being flooded with support from the community for his efforts.

Tsadilas had put up pictures of those who were kidnapped during the terrorist campaign, hung an Israeli flag and put up a banner that says “Greek Diners Stand With Israel.” His show of support at first resulted in criticism and even calls from people who told him to take it down.

The owner of Golden Globe Diner (the former Golden Dolphin) on Main Street, told the New York Post in an article that he had staff quit and regular customers did not return over his display. He even said that local DoorDash drivers boycotted his restaurant. He told the Post that the reaction to his display made him second-guess his decision at first.

Golden Globe Diner owner Pete Tsadilas

Golden Globe Diner owner Pete Tsadilas stands outside his diner.

That’s when the local Jewish community began to rally behind Tsadilas and his restaurant. He now finds his diner filled with customers who wanted to show the diner owner that his heart was in the right place after all.

Local newspaper, Huntington Now, also reported on the diner and the support it is now receiving.

Now, patrons report lines out the door at the Golden Globe Diner with wait times for seating after Tsadilas said he had lost a significant amount of business, some driving for hours just to go to the restaurant.

Terri and Joel Ackerman, a couple from Commack who went to the Golden Globe diner with Jewish friends after hearing about Tsadilas, helped rally support.

Golden Globe Diner

Terri Ackerman told in an online exchange that she posted in a number of Facebook groups including Jewish in Suffolk County, Jewish in Nassau County, and Jewish Lives Matter, to get the word out about how Tsadilas, who isn’t Jewish, is standing up for Israel, even though it cost him employees and customers.

“My goal was to get so many people to go to his diner to thank him for his support for Israel and to show their support for him that it would more than make up for the 40% decline in his business after he started publicly supporting Israel,” Ackerman said.

She said that she personally thanked Tsadilas when she went to the diner.

“When I met him and asked if he was Jewish, Peter said, ‘You don’t have to be Jewish to support Israel and be against Hamas. You just have to be human,’” Ackerman said.

Joel Ackerman mirrored his wife’s sentiments.

“When we left dinner Sunday, it felt very satisfying,” he said. “Not only did we leave with a nice dinner out, we left with our hearts full and our heads held high supporting the diner and all of its workers.”

Golden Globe Diner

Terri and Joel Ackerman at the Golden Globe Diner in Huntington.

Sharon and Curtis Penn from Dix Hills joined the Ackermans at the Golden Globe Diner and made signs to show their support.

“The Golden Globe Diner proudly stands up for humanitarian causes and justice. We are honored to have this diner in our community,” the couple told “Peter Tsadilas is our moral hero!”

Spreading the word on social media has made a huge difference and turned the tide of opinion from negative to positive for Tsadilas.

“It is amazing what social media can do to bring people together so fast to help them out,” said Ackerman. “Now we need social media to use these good stories to make others not feel the hate in the world and instead feel good about supporting people like them.”

Facebook is being flooded with support for Golden Globe Diner and its owner.

“Last night I saw light amongst the darkness,” one poster wrote. “I ate at The Golden Globe Diner (The Golden Dolphin Diner) in Huntington where the owner, who is not Jewish, shows support for Israel, the hostages and humanity. My wife and I met the humble owner and he expressed that he is doing what he feels is right.”

People have reported that Golden Globe Diner not only lost a significant amount of business at first but the town pressured him to “tone it down.”

Golden Globe Diner

“We drove about 40 minutes in the rain to eat there tonight,” said another online poster. “To thank Pete. He’s a lovely man who said he couldn’t stay silent.”

The fact that Tsadilas isn’t even Jewish resonated with many people.

“We are so grateful to this righteous man who, even as a non-Jew, knew he needed to do what was right,” said Melanie Siegel Rubin from Merrick. “My friends and I went to his diner to let him know what it meant to us and in return enjoyed a delicious meal while feeling very supported.”

Ivy Sommer, who was also at the diner with the Ackermans with her fiancé Ira Kaplan, told us she was happy to be there for Tsadilas.

“We are proud to support Peter and his support of Israel,” Sommer said.

“A man who believes in justice and humanity,” added Kaplan.

Terri Ackerman said the diner owner is brave for what he is doing.

“I think Peter Tsadilas is a real ‘mensch’ for having such a strong moral compass and the courage to do what is right, even after he saw he was losing employees and customers’ business,” she said.

📷 Courtesy of Terri and Joel Ackerman, Commack.

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