North Fork Donut Company Owners Have Surprises Planned For New Massapequa Park Shop – Opening This Fall at Former Once Bitten Donuts Spot

Jimmy and Kelly Lyons, the husband and wife co-founders of North Fork Donut Company (aka NoFoDoCo), are renovating the spot in Massapequa Park that used to be home to Once Bitten Donuts to open a new shop, one that is going to bring some big surprises to fans of their other two locations in Bay Shore and Mattituck.

“A lot of surprises,” Jimmy Lyons emphasized during a phone interview with to talk about plans for the third NoFoDoCo shop.

When Once Bitten Donuts closed its doors in July to focus on their New Jersey store, it left a hole in the hearts of donut fans in town. But no sooner had the beloved donut shop announced they were closing than they baked into the bad news some good news as well: NoFoDoCo was taking over. Lyons said that when the owners decided to leave they reached out to him to see if he wanted the space.

“They had a great spot and a great brand,” Lyons said of the former shop. “They thought we’d be a good fit for the space.”

Within a few days he agreed to take over the location at 1000 Park Boulevard.

During our discussion, Lyons let slip some of the sweet things that he has planned for Massapequa Park.

One big difference from the other stores is that this location is going to have sit-down seating for about 12-15 people. His other locations are take-away only. That’s important for a couple of reasons, one being that Lyons has once again enlisted the services of Ricky Saetta, a North Fork-based artist and woodworker, to help build-out and design the interior along with Kelly Lyons, who is also creative director at NoFoDoCo. That interior is going to be lit, according to Lyons.

“It’s going to be an Instagram paradise,” he said.

Along with a giant infinity mirror and a pink hallway the creative team is designing a space that is going to be very different from their other shops. Saetta is custom crafting the tables and chairs as well.

“He’s going nuts with it,” Lyons said.

The surprises in Massapequa Park don’t stop with the interior design. Lyons also revealed that in addition to their already delectable donuts, NoFoDoCo plans to serve ice cream at the new spot, including ice cream donut sandwiches and ice cream lattes at their full coffee bar. New donut flavors might get mixed in with the usual offerings too.

“We might throw some new stuff in there,” he said.

NoFoDoCo is on pace to open around the end of September, according to Lyons.

After opening their first shop five years ago and expanding once into Bay Shore since then, the team is excited for this new spot, especially since it would be a bit of a homecoming for Lyons personally.

“I’m originally from Levittown,” he said. “I’m excited to get back to my roots in Nassau County.”

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