Top 10 Stories That Defined the Long Island Restaurant & Food Scene in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, Long Island’s restaurant landscape has seen a whirlwind of changes, blending nostalgia for cherished establishments of the past with the excitement of new culinary ventures. brings you the top 10 stories that captured the hearts and taste buds of the community. From the closure of iconic venues to the emergence of fresh and innovative eateries, this roundup reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Long Island’s restaurant scene.

Meet the Man Who Makes Oconee Diner’s Elaborate Christmas Display, A Long Island Tradition

Long Island Restaurants dove into the heartwarming tradition of Oconee Diner’s elaborate Christmas display. We uncovered the story behind this cherished Long Island tradition and the passionate man who brings it to life each year. Read more

Crazy Facts About Dairy Barn

Discover the quirky and fascinating facts about Dairy Barn, a Long Island icon. explores the interesting history and anecdotes that made Dairy Barn a beloved part of the local heritage. Read more

North Fork Donut Company Has Surprises For New Massapequa Park Location

We revealed the surprises planned by the owners of North Fork Donut Company for their new Massapequa Park location, taking over the spot once held by Once Bitten Donuts. Long Island Restaurants spilled the details on what to expect from this exciting new venture. Read more

New Restaurant, Twisted Fork Brunch Company, Opening at Former Mediterranean Diner Space in Bellmore

We explore the transformation of a former Mediterranean Diner space in Bellmore as it evolves into the Twisted Fork Brunch Company. provided insights into this new restaurant that promises a unique brunch experience. Read more

Owners Fuse Greek and Mexican Food at the New Grexicana Restaurant in Farmingdale

Diners can experience the fusion of Greek and Mexican cuisines at the new Grexicana Restaurant in Farmingdale. Discover how this innovative concept came to be. Read more

Iconic Good Steer Restaurant in Lake Grove Has Been Sold

We bid a final farewell to an iconic establishment as Long Island Restaurants reported on the sale of the Good Steer Restaurant in Lake Grove. Explore the legacy of this beloved eatery and the changes on the horizon. Read more

Ford’s Garage, Nostalgic Automotive Themed Restaurant, is Coming to Smith Haven Mall

Get ready for a nostalgic culinary experience as Ford’s Garage announces its arrival at Smith Haven Mall. previews the automotive-themed restaurant that is set to rev up Long Island’s dining scene. Read more

Owners of Firehouse Restaurant & Bar in Sound Beach – Named in Memory of FDNY Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo

Long Island Restaurants brought you an exclusive update on the Firehouse Restaurant & Bar in Sound Beach, named in memory of FDNY Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo. Read more

Spots on Long Island That Give the Best Diner Vibes

Embark on a journey to discover the best spots on Long Island that exude classic diner vibes. curated a list of establishments that capture the essence of timeless diner culture. Read more

Trader Joe’s Planned For Miller Place on 25A

Long Island Restaurants unveiled the exciting news of a Trader Joe’s planned for Miller Place on 25A. Explore the anticipation and expectations surrounding the arrival of this popular grocery store to the community. Read more

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